Ben Nye P-45 Olive Fair Creme Foundation

Ben Nye P-45 Olive Fair Creme Foundation

15.75 CAD

Creme Foundations provide full, creamy coverage that blends flawlessly with all creme colors, concealers and f/x colors. Expect 25-75 applications. 0.5oz/14gm.


All creme colors must be set with powder. Ben Nye's Neutral Set Translucent Powder will set make up while retaining makeup color. For added durability, after setting makeup, spray with a Makeup Sealer like Final Seal.


Creme makeups can discolor when used over latex products such as Liquid Latex or latex based Prosthetics. To prevent this discoloration use Castor Sealer or create a barrier between the latex and the makeup using Pros-Aide Creme.


Although you can remove creme colors with soap and water we recommend using an oil based Makeup Remover like Quick Cleanse, this will reduce the skin irritation caused by heavy scrubbing.