Ben Nye PC-89 Tan Male Cake Foundation

Ben Nye PC-89 Tan Male Cake Foundation

22.95 CAD

Water activated Color Cake Foundation (Pancakes) are often preferred by large cast ensembles, for body makeup, or for performers with oily skin. Cakes yield a satin-finish that resists perspiration. Ben Nye’s exclusive Color Cake formula provides a smooth finish that redefines foundation. Activate with water and a sea or hydra sponge, apply in sections, then “buff” as it sets to a  translucent, natural finish. Ideal for oily or sensitive skin. Expect 25-100 applications. 1oz/28gm.


Apply cake foundation with a damp Hydra Sponge or a Brush and mix the paint into a creamy consistency, apply to skin and allow it to dry. For added durability spray with a Makeup Sealer like Ben Nye's Final Seal


Cake makeups wash off easily with soap and water of you can use a gentle Makeup Remover like Ben Nye's Hydra Cleanse, this will reduce the skin irritation caused by heavy scrubbing.