Ben Nye STP-05 Fair Foundation Palette

Ben Nye STP-05 Fair Foundation Palette

79.95 CAD

Studio Palettes are a collection of “kit-ready” Palettes for every artist. Though compact in size, each Palette offers 12 refillable colors to tackle any design, big or small. The clear lid offers instant visibility for efficient organization and prep. 26gm./0.91oz. Expect 50-150 applications.


To refill insert a small rigid spatula or similar tool into the "Refill Access" slot. Gently pry open until the cartridge releases. Push out desired pan from bottom by insterting a paper clip or similar tool. Carefully snap palette into case with "Refill Access" on left side. If you would like to order refills please call us. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


All creme colors must be set with powder. Ben Nye's Neutral Set Translucent Powder will set make up while retaining makeup color. For added durability, after setting makeup, spray with a Makeup Sealer like Final Seal.


Although you can remove creme colors with soap and water we recommend using an oil based Makeup Remover like Quick Cleanse, this will reduce the skin irritation caused by heavy scrubbing.