Glam Gore Love Bite FX Transfer

Glam Gore Love Bite FX Transfer

15.95 CAD

This 3D Transfers Kit comes with everything you need to achieve professional makeup results in just minutes. Love Bite provides a realistic 3D look like you have been bit by some wild animal. This kit applies with just water. Completely latex free and requires no messy or harsh adhesives. Just water!


What Is A 3D Transfer?

Think of a 3D Transfer like a temporary tattoo except it’s not flat and incredibly realistic looking. You apply the transfer very similar to a temporary tattoo. All you need is water and a few minutes. The transfer blends into your skin like magic. Once attached simply add a little of the included blood and you are set to go. Your transfer will stay on all night! Created by special FX makeup artist Christien Tinsley.


How To Apply A 3D Transfer

Because Glam Gore is a new product line to the Tinsley family we don’t have a specific video for Love Bite. But we do have a whole library of videos on how 3D Transfers work! Here is the instructional video for our Small Gouge 3D Transfer. If you have any questions let us know!