Interactive Makeup Workshops

Interactive Makeup Workshops

70.00 CAD

Sign up for makeup workshops and learn about new products and techniques for creating a variety of different effects.

Classes take place in our store (1515 Center Street North, Calgary). Bring a pen and paper if you would like to take notes, and drinks or snacks if you would like. All makeup supplies will be provided.

Due to limited space there will be no refunds for no-shows or cancelations.


2018 Makeup Workshops

$250.00+ GST

Maximum 4 participants. (There is no space to bring models to this class, you will be paird off with another participant.)


This is our most intense workshop and an all day affair!  Workshop size is limited to four who will be paired off in the workshop. After the demo each person will cast their partners face and then be cast in return. We will have make up staff assigned to each pair to assist wherever necessary. Their will be a short break for snacks but this is definitely a full day of fun and challenging work. 

It is important to be aware that your entire head, neck and shoulders will be encased in alginate and plaster bandages for approximately 45 minutes (times can vary). As we do the back of the head first your face should only be covered for about 25-30 minutes, still any concerns regarding claustrophobia should be taken into consideration.

Make sure you are dressed in appropriate clothing, it can get MESSY! As the cast will include shoulders an old t-shirt that can be cut or any item of clothing that can comfortably expose shoulders will be necessary.

Pizza will be provided.


$70.00 + GST

Maximum 10 participants. (Models not included)

This is a messy workshop! You will be applying to your model a 3D prosthetic slit throat. The slit throat will be hooked up to a device that we will use to pump blood through at the end of the workshop. The skill set we will be working on will be prosthetic application including proper, seamless blending of prosthetic to skin and coloring of prosthetic. We will go over RMG, alcohol makeup and cake makeup and discuss the pros and cons of each. The finale will of course be the bleeding effect.

Your model should be aware any clothing they wear could be stained despite the precautions we take... this includes under clothing and shoes... This class is MESSY!

This workshop was new last year and sold out quickly and was very well received by all who took it so we have included it again this year. As always we will mention workshops can go into overtime.


$70.00 + GST

Maximum 12 participants. (Models not included)

The purpose of this workshop is to teach two different types of burns using different products for each. This gives the person applying the makeup a chance to learn about the various strengths and weaknesses as well as the varying application methods of these products. The more varied experience gives the artist more options and flexibility when considering how to create burn effects in future applications. 

The face burn will be an acid burn complete with a little bit of smoking from the burned flesh. The arm burn will be a 3rd degree burn with some exposed bone.

Your model should be wearing a short sleeve shirt preferably without a collar. Remember we are using products that can stain or worse so you and your model should dress accordingly. Makeup will need to be removed from model before application of burn makeup is applied. If their are any latex allergy issues please let us know before day of workshop so we can provide alternative products.

This workshop can possibly go into overtime.


We are working on something new and exciting for this year. Stay tuned for announcments.


$225.00 + GST

Maximum 10 participants. (Models not included)

The workshop bundle is held over the corse of three weeks. By the end of the three week you will have the skills to create and apply custom made prosthetics.

There is no space to bring models to this class, you will be paired off with another participant.

As with the Head Casting workshop the 10 participants will be paired off. After the demo each person will cast their partners face and then be cast in return. We will have makeup staff guiding and assisting wherever necessary. At the end of the workshop the face casts will be filled with Hydrocal.  They will remain at the store for use in the workshop the following week but will be yours to keep at the end of the workshops.

Remember that your face will be covered in alginate and plaster bandages for approximately 30 minutes so any concerns regarding claustrophobia should be taken into consideration.

Make sure you dress appropriately this workshop can be messy!

This workshop can definitely go into overtime.

So this is the next step! You will take the face cast from our previous workshop and sculpt a nose, wound or whatever  your imagination can come up with. You will then make a cast of the sculpture in order to make a prosthetic that is custom made to fit your face. This is a pretty relaxed, creative and fun workshop, a nice break from the previous week which was a little more intense. The cast will be left at the store to cure and will be used to make a prosthetic in the next and final workshop.

This is it, the final workshop in the casting bundle. Everyone will now have a mold to make a prosthetic for their face. After the prosthetic has dried you will apply it to your face and finish with coloring. Definitely a group shot will be in order!


$70.00 + GST

Maximum 12 participants. (Models not included)

Learning to lay crepe hair can be a bit dull, so why not create a werewolf while you are doing it!!! Your lucky model will leave the workshop ready to howl at the full moon! We will begin the class by applying a werewolf nose prosthetic to your model then you will be learning how to lay crepe, knowledge you can use for beards, moustaches, eyebrows, and sideburns. You will also be doing contouring and using creams to finish your werewolf face. We will also demonstrate scary and hairy werewolf hands.

Definitely a group picture at the end of the night!

Crepe is wool so make sure there are no allergy issues. Wear comfortable clothing and warn your model beforehand that the face can get a bit itchy!

This workshop can go into overtime.


$70.00 + GST

Maximum 12 participants. (Models not included)

This has consistently been our most popular workshop since we started 6 years ago.The goal is to create a scary zombie with trauma wounds on face and arm. We will go over the necessary contouring to create an appropriately hungry looking zombie but when the demonstration is in progress we will include alternatives so that each person in the workshop can use their own creativity to make their zombie unique. We will go over several traumas that you can choose from to add to your zombie.