Lumiere Creme Wheel

Lumiere Creme Wheel

31.95 CAD

Lumiere creme colours create intense shimmering shades for sizzling beauty or fantasy accents. The Lumiere Creme Wheel contains six vibrant colours inluding: LCR-1 ice, LCR-6 sun yellow, LCR-10 jade, LCR-12 cosmic blue, LCR-13 royal purple, LCR-15 persimmon.

All creme colours must be set with powder. Ben Nyes Neutral Set Translucent Powder will set make up while retaining makeup colour, or use a matching Luxe Powder for bold, intense colour. For added durability, after setting makeup, spray with a Makeup Sealer.

Although you can remove creme colours with soap and water we recommend using an oil based Makeup Remover such as Ben Nyes Quick Cleanse, this will reduce the skin irritation caused by heavy scrubbing.

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Keep your makeup clean and bacteria free with Beauty so Clean! A spray based makeup sanitizer.

1oz. /28gm. Expect 30-120 designs.