Makeup Workshops

Makeup Workshops

70.00 CAD

Sign up for makeup workshops and learn about new products and techniques for creating a variety of different effects. Participants will have all make and supplies provided and will have an opportunity to do the makeup they have learnt on a model or another workshop participant.

Classes take place in our store (1515 Center Street North, Calgary). Bring a pen and paper if you would like to take notes, and drinks or snacks if you would like. Most classes are in the evening from 6:30-9:30p.m. but some classes may run later so please be prepared. Please make sure to dress appropriatly, makeup can be messy so don't wear your best cloths - especially not for casting classes or classes with lots of blood.

Due to limited space there will be no refunds for no-shows or cancelations.



$70.00 + GST

Maximum 10 participants. Please bring a model to work on.

This has consistently been one of our most popular workshop since we started 6 years ago. The goal is to create a scary zombie with trauma wounds on the face and arm. We will go over the necessary contouring to create an appropriately hungry looking zombie but when the demonstration is in progress we will include alternatives so that each person in the workshop can use their own creativity to make their zombie unique. We will go over several traumas that you can choose from to add to your zombie.  We will be using a variety of coloring, blood, dirt, and will discuss alternative options as well, going into the pros and cons of each. 

Your model should be dressed preferably in old clothes that can be zombified... as this can be a somewhat messy workshop. A short sleeve shirt collarless shirt would be best. If their are any latex allergy issues please let us know ahead of time so we can provide alternative products.

It is a tradition that we always demonstrate a surprise "gross out effect" as our finale for our last workshop before Halloween and this one will be no exception!

A group photo sounds like a great idea!


$75.00 + GST. Participants recieve a face paint palette to keep!

Maximum 10 participants. Please bring a model to work on.

This is another pioneer workshop and the focus will be specifically on Halloween makeup for children. The makeup we have at Don's is of course safe for adults and children however some products are definitely easier to apply and remove then others. We will discuss various products and options for different Halloween looks and then demo a couple of different Halloween makeups on our models.

Our participants as always are encouraged to bring a model to work on and in this case children are especially encouraged since the makeup is for them anyway! 

We will have a palette for each participant to use and keep. We will also have other products available to use on your model. Playing with makeup is fun and we will encourage both artist and model to have some fun!

Halloween Treats will be provided so give us your best "Trick or Treat!"


$50.00 + GST

Maximum 12 participants. Please bring a model to work on.

This is a great workshop for drama teachers!

In this workshop we will be teaching you two techniques for aging. The first will be suitable for stage and will be using conouring techniques with highlights and shadows to achieve extreme aging. The second demonstration will involve 3 dimensional aging, which is necessary for film or intimate theatre, by creating actualy phsical wrinkles in the skin which will be augmented by makeup contouring. We will also demonstrate aging on on hands, teeth and hair as well!

Participants bring a model and will be provided with all the products they need to age their model using some of the techniques we will deomonstrate. It is recommeded that the model is an adult for maximum results.