Professional Master Moulage Kit

Professional Master Moulage Kit

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Ben Nye's Master Moulage Kit effectively simulates realistic injuries for mass casualty scenarios. Civilian and military EMT trainers endorse Ben Nye's Moulage Kit for its practical ease of use, and graphic results.

Comprehensive Components
The Master Moulage Kit contains all the makeup materials and tools needed to create hundreds of wounds. Components are packed in a heavy-duty carrying case for easy transport to training sites.

Professionally Designed & Approved
EMT Trainers for the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army and ER Nurses assisted in designing specialty shades and essential materials required to easily create wounds, burns, abrasions and fractures.

Innovative Products, Realistic Effects
The Moulage Kit includes Ben Nye's outstanding special-effects colours and makeup products including Trama Simulation, Bruise, Burn & Blister Wheels, Cyanotic Blue Effects Foundation, Stage Blood, Blood Powder Concentrate, Thick Blood, Fresh Scab, Gel Wound Kit, Medeling Wax, Reusable Latex Wound Appliances, and more. Replacement products are readily available!

Trama Simulation Guide
This detailed, full-colour booklet describes how to produce typical injuries, such as burns, blisters, compound fractures, cyanosis, self-made wounds, lacerations, and more. Helpful tips included on setting up a casualty exercise. The Guide includes techniques taught by experts including national EMT trainer, Marge Dolan of Image Perspectives in Carson City, Nevada.

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