Reel Cover-Up/Effects Stack

Reel Cover-Up/Effects Stack

69.95 CAD

Get all the great colors from the Cover-Up/Effects palette in a convenient stack. Pots can be mixed and matched so you can replace colors easily or change up your stack to get all your favorite colors. Reel Colors are water resistant and usually require little or no touch ups.

Colors include: lite toner, blue neutralizer, avocado toner, deep red #7, yellow #3, red neutralizer, brown toner, black #1, blue #4, red #2.

Directions: clean area prior to use to remove any dirts and oils. Activate palette with Reel Developer, 99% Isoproponal Alcohol or ISO-Gel. Do not use 70% alcohol, MEK, acetone, water or any other solvent. For a denser effect, use the accompanying liquid color to activate the corresponding color set. Use a Brush or Sponge to achieve the effect you want, then lightly Powder once your effect has been achieved for an under-the-skin not on-the-skin look.

Removal: use Super SolvIPM-GelRemove-It All, Reel Developer or 99% alcohol soften and begin to dissolve Reel Color, be sure to allow time for the remover to do its job and do not scrub. Wash with soap and water to remove any residue. It is recommended to use a good Moisturiser after as the alcohol based products can dry skin.