Sad Emoji Inflatable Costume

Sad Emoji Inflatable Costume

39.95 CAD

This costume is perfect for the person is always perpetually happy as irony is the best costume. That is an entirely true fact. Get your always-happy pal our Sad Emoji Inflatable Megamorph for this Halloween and you'll have a great time. Seeing a friend wear a costume that inflates to the size of Violet Beauregard is funny enough. But then add some strange oxymoron of happy and sad, and you have a wonderful Ironic Emoticon costume! Enjoy! Anyway, you can wear our Megamorph costumes too many occasions, not just Halloween, such as Carnival, fancy dress parties, Tuesday, and even Yo-Yo Day (it’s a real thing, google it)!

Our Inflatable Morphsuits (which we so lovingly call the Megamorph) costumes were one of our favourites from back in the day but they hadn't taken off like we thought they would. So we decided to lay them to rest, for the moment. But then our Inflatable T-Rex costume took over the internet and inflatable costumes became the most popular costume around - everyone wanted a weird costume and inflatable is the perfect way to do that. And the perfect time to bring back the Megamorph!

How the costume works: step into the suit and turn the fan on, wait for it to inflate (it only takes a minute or so) and boom! Your Inflatable Emoji Megamorph costume is good to go! Just make sure you have some spare batteries for the fan, because we don’t include any. Sorry about that!


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