Silver Metallic Aquacolor Liquid

Silver Metallic Aquacolor Liquid

21.95 CAD

Aquacolor liquid paints are color-intensive liquid face and body paint designed for airbrush with the ingredients of superior-quality skin cream preparations. The metallic colour liquids have a beautiful metal shine!

For most face painting we recommend using Aquacolor Cakes because you will got more out of the same amount of paint and you don't have to worry about accidental spilling. Liquid paints are preferred for airbrushing and for painting when strick hygiene is required, like in a hospital, so paints can be poured into a separate container and disposed of after each use.

Application: use a Brush or Sponge1 and paint on and allow to dry. When using an Airbrush thin paints with water and spray on, allow to dry.
Accents: create eye popping accents that will set your designs above the rest. Apply Glitters2 directly to wet paint and allow it to dry in for a beautiful shimmer. Or, use Liquid Bling to create fine lines, swirls and decorations. We also have a great selection of Stencils for quick, perfect designs every time.
Other Resources: check out our Books for great design ideas. The internet is also a great source of pictures and other ideas, or talk to other artists!
Durability: liquid paints are fairly durable once they are dry but will reactivate and run if they come in contact with water or excessive perspiration. There is a variety of Makeup Sealers3 you can use to help protect your designs from transfer to clothing or running. You can also use 10% Final Seal to thin the paint instead of water when you are airbrushing.
Removal: liquid paints can easily be removed with soap and water or with a gentle Makeup Remover.

1Sponges are great for quickly painting large areas. When using a sponge look for a sponge that has 'pockets' or holes to soak up water. Do not use dense wedge makeup sponges. Daub on paint and buff out any streaks with your finger. 2All our glitters are round cut cosmetic grade so they are safe for use on children and around eyes. Do not use craft glitter. 3Sealers are recommended if paints are used on dancers, under hot lights, or for extended periods of time and other extreme conditions, they are not necessary for childrens face painting.4Applications can vary drastically depending on the size of the design. You will get fewer full bodies than you will small cheek designs.