Woochie Zombie Complete 3D Kit

Woochie Zombie Complete 3D Kit

22.95 CAD

What's Included

Set of two peel-and-stick wounds, sheet of wound tattoos, makeup, brush, FX Blood, and sponge.



  • Apply tattoos first. Make sure skin is clean and dry and free of any makeup or oils. Using scissors carefully cut out the tattoo you wish to apply. Peel off the plastic top sheet and place the tattoo face down on your skin. Press a wet washcloth firmly against the entire tattoo for 25 seconds. Lift up the washcloth slowly.  Gently peel off the tattoos backing paper and lightly dab the tattoo with a paper towel until it is dry.
  • Apply the appliance next. Carefully peel the apliance off the backing paper. Apply to skin where desired. Press firmly against edges of appliance to secure to skin.
  • Use the sponge to apply the foundation color in small amounts at first, then apply foundation ore liberally as you get used to the makeup's coverage. Use the brush for all detail work. Always clean the brush thoroughly when changing colors.



Use FX Blood around edges of appliances or anywhere on skin for an extra gory effect.



Gently peel appliance and liquid latex off of skin starting at the edge. Wash blood or makeup with soap and warm water.