Disc Golf Supplies

Don's Hobby Shop started selling Disc Golf supplies in 2012.  We have very good knowledge about the way discs fly and how they should behave in the air if thrown properly.  Selecting discs to purchase when you are first starting is important. If you don't get it right the frustration level will far exceed the fun level.  We can help you put the right Putter, Mid Range and Driver in your hand.  Don's Hobby Shop is thrilled to be carrying Innova, Kastaplast, Dynamic Discs, Westside and Latitude 64 Disc Golf related items.  Come and see us if you get a chance.  Nothing beats feeling the disc in your hand and seeing it up close before pulling the trigger on a new member to your bag.  For those that live out of town and don't have the luxury of Discs being sold where you call home we have your back.  All discs photographed on this site are exactly the ones you will receive if ordered.  We prefer to not ship discs in padded envelopes due to the risk of Discs being damaged in transit.  All discs are shipped in cardboard boxes.  Shipping in Canada is $15.00.  On any orders over $95.00 shipping is free. Call toll free for any Disc Golf related questions.  1-866-504-6229.

Welcome to Disc Golf.  It's the best.  






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