Ben Nye Neutralizers and Concealers

MediaPRO Concealers, Duracover, and Mojave Adjusters create flawless complexions utilizing low-luster, micronized, pigments for a natural finish. One artist said “MediaPRO formulas exceed all expectations!” All offer exceptional coverage to conceal birthmarks, under-eye discoloration, facial blemishes, or body art.

Classic Neutralizers and Concealers: Ben Nye Sr. pioneered cover-ups such as Mellow Yellow, Blue Neutralizer, and Coverette, that have become essential to artists all over the world. Formulated with new MediaPRO base for maximum coverage.

Duracover: The new DuraCover series offers exceptional colors to camouflage birthmarks, body art, and skin discolorations. Concentrated pigmentation blends to a silky, long-wearing finish. Powder lightly to set with Poudre Compact, HD Matte, or Luxury Powders.

Mojave Adjusters: A rich palette of base hues to adjust base and contours, especially suited for olive to brown complexions. Use these distinct hues to cover discoloration, correct a base tone to an individual’s own complexion, or to cover uneven skin tones.

Creme Neutralizing Crayons: Inspired by Ben Nye’s concealer classics, such as Mellow Yellow and Red Neutralizer, Crayons have a silky texture with durable coverage. Sharpen with Dual Hole Sharpener.

Concealer Wheels, Palettes and Stacks: Ben Nye's "MediaPRO Conceale and Adjuster Palette", as well as many wheels including "Tattoo Cover", "Conceal-All" and more.

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