Ben Nye Liquid Hair Color

Ben Nye Sr. pioneered Silver Grey Hair Color to subtly age hair to a natural silver-grey tone. Ivory Hair Color is Ben Nye’s latest innovation to naturally age dark hair without it turning blue. Apply with a toothbrush to styled hair. Set with hairspray. Avoid use on chemically treated hair. Protect costumes during application. Expect 3-10 applications per ounce.

Silver Grey: Ben Nye’s original age hair color. Realistic silvery-grey age tone with subtle metallic highlights.

Dark Grey: Recently revised, this shade is now a true deep grey.

Taupe: Subtle neutral brown adds dramatic contrast to white hair.

Auburn: Rich, warm red-brown tone.

Dark Brown: Rich, natural shades for blending or all-over color. May be used to fill in bald spots.

Snow White: Streak into Silver Grey or Dark Grey to brighten highlights. Excellent for Santa’s Beard and Brows.

Ivory: Hint of yellow provides natural aging on dark brown or black hair.

Midnight Black: Completely blackens hair for dramatic effects.

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